Use the following methods to transfer game roms:


  • Plug the USB storage into the console and wait for it to finish blinking (ensure that your USB is formatted to FAT32)

  • Pull the USB out and plug it into a computer

  • Add the roms to their respective folders (in the retropie/roms folder)

  • Plug it back into the console

  • Refresh emulationstation by choosing RESTART EMULATIONSTATION from Quit menu (press Start >> select Quit ) or press F4 if keyboard is connected.

Network share

Games can be added to system’s storage using the network folder (samba share) which the console creates automatically once connected to the network using LAN cable or Wifi(wifi connection requires extra module see further below in the manual how to configure wifi).

  • Make sure the console is connected to network using lan cable or wifi

  • If on windows type \\RETROPIE into the computer folder. You can also replace RETROPIE with your Raspberry Pi's IP address

  • if on MAC OS X open finder, select "Go" menu and "Connect to Server". Type "smb://retropie" and hit "Connect".