If you are running Libretro/RetroArch emulators (which is the case for PlayStation, NES, SNES, MegaDrive, and others), you can re-configure controls by using the steps below:

  1. Start a game for the system you want to configure (for example a NES game).
  2. Press Select+X (Select+triangle in a PlayStation-like controller), this starts the RGUI.
  3. Go to Quick Menu -> Controls.
  4. Configure the buttons as you like.
  5. After configure, select the Save Core Remap File. This will save the config for this specific system.
    5.1. If you want to save a config for just one game, open the respective game, follow the steps 1-4, and then select Save Game Remap File.
  6. Select another game for another system (for example, PlayStation) and repeat these steps.