If the snes platform is playing games very slow and choppy it may be due to the bad selection of the emulator in the configuration.

This issue is prevalent 16gb consoles sold between Dec2016-Jan2017.

The fix for the issue is pretty simple can be done within the interface, steps as below

  1. Press "Select" if using ps3 controller or "A" button on snes controller during the game launch screen as shown below.


    2. In the blue configure screen, select the first option "Select default emulator for snes... " by pressing "Select" while using ps3 controller or "A" when using the snes style controller.


    3. Choose lr-snes8x-next in the selection menu by pressing "Select" on ps3 controller or "A" while using snes to back to main menu.


    4. Choose "Launch" in the main menu and press "Select" on a ps3 controller or "A" on snes controller to save and launch the snes game.

Enjoy smooth snes games on retropie and sorry about the issue.